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COMP 271H Design and Analysis of Algorithms 2006 Fall Semester Tutorial 4 1. A bipartite graph is an undirected graph G = ( V,E ) whose vertices can be partitioned into two subsets such that there is no edge between any two vertices in the same subset. (In other words, G is bipartite if and only if there exist two sets V 1 and V 2 such that V 1 V 2 = V , V 1 V 2 = , and all the edges in
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Unformatted text preview: E connect some vertex in V 1 with some vertex in V 2 .) (a) Prove that a bipartite graph has no cycle of odd length. (b) Design an algorithm based on breadth-first search (BFS) to determine if an undi-rected graph G is bipartite. (c) Fully justify the correctness of your algorithm. 1...
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