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1. The intensity of incoming solar radiation varies from the equator to the poles because of a. Earth’s spherical shape. b. Seasonal variations in temperature. c. Both A & B. 2. Taxonomists strive to include taxa in biological classifications that are a. Monophyletic b. Paraphyletic c. Polyphyletic d. Homoplastic e. monomorphic 3. Which of the following terms is the most inclusive? a. Species b. Genus c. Domain d. Family 4. A common ancestor is a. An ancestral organism very commonly seen in the fossil record. b. An ancestral organism shared by two or more descendant organisms. c. An ancestral organism that has no distinguishing features and is not unique. d. None of the above 5. Which is a likely biotic factor limiting songbird distribution in Hawaii to alpine (mountain) habitats? a. Songbirds do not tolerate the warmer temperatures at lower altitudes. b. Songbirds are adapted to the lower oxygen content of higher altitudes. c. Higher levels of precipitation at higher altitudes to provide the songbirds with more water. d. Disease-carrying insects at lower altitudes 6. Which of the following have biologists used in an attempt to understand the phylogenetic relationships among organisms? a.
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PractiseQuestions2_Test1 - 1 The intensity of incoming...

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