Lecture_3(N) - PSYC 1010 Lecture 3 Notes Text Anxiety...

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Unformatted text preview: PSYC 1010 Lecture 3 Notes Text Anxiety Workshop (2 hours) Monday October 25 10am – Noon OR Wednesday November 24 1pm - 3pm. N110 Bennett Centre! • Ex: Looking at effects of study time on tests; three groups and average grade on test (0 hrs. 65% [CONTROL GROUP], 5hrs 79%, 10hrs 65%) IV is time. 10hrs Low grades b/c of no sleep; lack of concentration. 0 hrs. and 5 hrs. had sleep; Are not the same; NOT ALL HAD SLEEP (Confounding variable). Must manipulate sleep and study time so you can ask “DOES STUDY TIME/SLEEP AFFECT GRADE?” • Confounding Variable: Variable that interferes with the results of the study. It affects the dependent variable so that you don’t know if the dependent variable (behaviour) is caused by the independent variable, the confounding variable or both. • Want in experiment : I.V (cause) D.V (effect) • Placebo group get same expectation. Confounding Variable causes problem, must control and make all group equal except for independent variable. • IQ, Personality traits, etc. I ndividual difference [must be spread out so all groups are the same] • Random Assignment to groups By using this you are assuming that all individual difference variables are all being evenly distributed among the groups so that they are essentially equal. Way of preventing individual difference variables from becoming confounding variables.difference variables from becoming confounding variables....
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Lecture_3(N) - PSYC 1010 Lecture 3 Notes Text Anxiety...

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