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PSYC 1010 Lecture Notes: October 22, 2010 Short-Answer Questions for Test 1: The normal distribution Self-fulfilling prophesy Double-blind studies Placebo control group “Mystery question” talked about lectures and hinted 3) Phallic Stage A)Oedipal Complex(Males) B)Electra Complex (Females) o Girl is sexually attracted to Dad o Blames mom for lacking a penis o Has conflictual love/hostility emotions for mom Resolution o Repress these conflictual feelings o Girl identifies with mom o Penis Envy [Freud believed penis is where is at; having boy fulfills penis envy?] 4) Latency Stage (5yrs Puberty) No erogenous zones Little pressure from the id, little internal conflict
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Child learns socially-acceptable way of reducing tension 5) Genital Stage (Puberty Adulthood) Erogenous Zone is genitals Love object is a member of the opposite sex FIXATION (To get fixed/stuck) Freud believed people didn’t move onto next stage when they should be; happens b/c a)needs are met at that stage and will stay as long as possible. b) needs are not being met, stay until they are met REGRESSION If one is frustrated during the genital stage, one might revert back to earlier stages where needs were met. Defence Mechanisms
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Lecture_5(N) - P SYC 1010 Lecture Notes Short-Answer...

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