datalab - CS 2400 Fall 2010 Lab Assignment L1 Manipulating...

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Lab Assignment L1: Manipulating Bits Introduction The purpose of this assignment is to become more familiar with bit-level representations and manipulations. You’ll do this by solving a series of programming “puzzles.” Many of these puzzles are quite artificial, but you’ll find yourself thinking much more about bits in working your way through them. Logistics You need to work by yourself on this assignment but you may ask for assistance in tools and the process of compiling your programs. You shouldn’t ask other students for help about the substance of the assignment – you’re going to have to understand the problems well enough to be interviewed about them. The only “hand-in” will be electronic. Any clarifications and revisions to the assignment will be posted on the course Moodle page. Getting ready for the next assignment This is the only lab or programming assignment where you’ll be working on your own. Please use the next two weeks to meet and talk with people in class. For the next assignment, you’ll be asked to work with a programming partner; we encourage you to use the “Extreme Programming” style. We’re doing this because the next sequence of assignments are actually very difficult to do without someone to talk with and reason with. These labs are learning mechanisms, and working together will help with that learning. Hand Out Instructions You need to use a Linux system for this lab because there is a “pre-built” binary that only runs on Linux. You had two options to do this lab. The first would be to download the files in datalab-handout.tar at the assignment page and unpack them on your own or a CSEL linux machine. The second is download a VMware image that contains a Linux environment and the assignment, unpacked. 1
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datalab - CS 2400 Fall 2010 Lab Assignment L1 Manipulating...

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