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CHAPTER 10 | ONE-FACTOR BETWEEN SUBJECTS ANOVA SS DF MS Fobs Between (Treatment) ( X K - X G ) å 2 (group mean – grand mean) K-1 (#groups – 1) SSB DFB MSB MSW Within (error) ( X - X K ) å 2 (individual mean – group mean) N-K (#participants-#groups) SSW DFW TOTAL SSB+SSW DFB+DFW Hypothesis testing -Ho: μ A1 = μ A2 = μ A3 -H1: the μ A’s are not all equal how to find Fcrit (numerator, denominator) = (DFB, DFW) P value (p=probability) if Fobs > Fcrit than statistically significant Reject Ho and accept H1 Tukey HSD CD MSW n a q - n a = number of subjects in each treatment group -q = studentized range statistic (need to know # of means compared & df of MSW ) Effect size = η 2 η 2 = SSB SST indicates that effect size (%) of the variance in the experiment that is accounted for by the IV. F obs falls into rejection region F obs doesn’t fall into rejection region -p < .05 -Ho rejected & H1 accepted -statistically significant difference -sample means not all from same population -at least one difference between treatment means exists
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