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Physics 458- Problem Set 4 Note: These problem numbers from Hecht (4th ed). Homework will contribute 20% of your final grade. Each homework assignment has two parts. 1. Ungraded problems will be collected and points will be given for the number of these problems serioulsy attempted. 2. Graded problems will be collected and graded. Full credit will be given for
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Unformatted text preview: correct solutions. 1. Hand in all Exercises and Graded Problems 2. On a cover page, indicate : * Number of Exercise examples attempted * Number of Exercise examples solved to completion 3. Be sure to staple your homework. Ungraded Problems (10 pts) Chapter 5 Problems: 5.1, 5,4, 5.8,5.15, 5.19, 5.37, 5.60, 5.63, 5.75 Graded Problems 5.3, 5.11,5.14,5.22, 5.65...
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