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EECS 170A, Fall 2010 Due Date: Friday October 29, 2010 HOMEWORK 4 1. Energy band diagram of a 2 μ m long silicon sample is illustrated in the figure. a. Calculate the electric field along the sample b.Find the force on electrons in the sample. Which directions electrons and holes are drifted? 2. Consider a silicon material doped with 3x10 16 cm -3 donor atoms. At t=0, a light source is turned on, producing uniform generation rate G L =2x10 20 cm -3 /s. At t=10 -7 s, the light source is turned off. Determine the excess minority carrier concentration as a function of time (t) for 0 t ≤∞. Use τ p =10 -7 s. 3. The electron concentration in silicon at T=300K is
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