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EECS 170A, Fall 2010 Due Date: Monday November 15, 2010 HOMEWORK 6 1. The Fermi energy of a particular material at T=300K is at 6.25eV. The electrons in this material follow the Fermi-Dirac distribution. Calculate the probabilities of an energy level at 6.5eV is being occupied at T=300K and T=600K. ( Assume Fermi energy is temperature independent ) 2. A 1mm long silicon bar with cross sectional area of 100 μ m 2 is at thermal equilibrium at room temperature. We know that the Fermi Energy is 0.45eV above the valance band. Calculate free carrier concentrations in this semiconductor and total resistance. Assume that mobilities for electrons and holes are 1100cm 2 /V-s, and 450cm 2 /V-s, respectively. 3. Consider a bar silicon that is homogenously doped with 3x10 15 acceptors. The applied electric field is zero. Light source incident on the end of the semiconductor as shown in the figure above and generate excess carrier density
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