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EECS 170A, Fall 2010 Due Date: November 24, 2010 HOMEWORK 7 1. Problem 10.3, page 386 2. Problem 10.4, page 387 3. Problem 10.9, page 387 4. Problem 11.5, page 435 5. Problem 11.8a-d, page 437 6. In the following circuit, the BJT is biased at forward active mode to produce 5V output voltage when V CC = 10V. a. Calculate the V 1 bias voltage for 5V output at forward active mode. b. Calculate currents in each port of the transistor
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Unformatted text preview: c. Can you run this circuit in saturation mode so that V out = 0? What will be the V 1 voltage which can drive this transistor into saturation and produce V out = 0? d. What is the base current in this saturation mode? Parameters: R 1 = 5KOhm, R 2 =0.5KOhm, V cc = 10V, I F0 = 10-14 Amp, F = 0.99, R = 0.01...
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