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1. The electrical field component of an EM wave is given by E o exp[j(kz - ω t)]. Prove that the phase velocity is ω /k. The phase velocity is the velocity of the wavefront of constant phase, i.e., kz ω t = constant. One way to imagine a wavefront is to look at the waves on the surface of water and see how the wavefronts (peaks) move or propagate. In doing so, you need to be aware that the wave on the water surface is a surface acoustic wave; it is not an EM wave. 2. The Poynting vector, E x H, gives the instantaneous energy flux carried by an EM wave. The energy flux is energy per cross section area per second. For an EM wave having electrical field component of E = (1, 0, 0) E o cos(kz - ω t), find H. Furthermore, derive < E x H> and express it in terms of η and E o only, here
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