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- 1 - EECS180 Midterm Exam Classroom Assignment Students have their midterms in ICF103 No Name (Last, First) Location 1 Alvarez Montoya, Saul ICF103 2 Armendariz, Eduardo ICF103 3 Austria, Adrian Conrad ICF103 4 Bashir, Fadi ICF103 5 Bui, Michael ICF103 6 Burke, Sean ICF103 7 Cao, Anh ICF103 8 Carreon, David ICF103 9 Chan, Margaret ICF103 10 Chan, Wesley ICF103 11 Chen, Shao-Wei ICF103 12 Cheung, Vincent ICF103 13 Chien, Eric ICF103 14 Chin, Laura ICF103 15 Chon, Richard ICF103 16 Chu, Daniel ICF103 17 Chumbipuma,Jorge ICF103 18 Coppel, Daniel ICF103 19 Dahn, Richard ICF103 20 Dankmyes, Benjamin ICF103 21 Dessouki, Ahmed ICF103 22 Fang, Kevin ICF103
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- 2 - 23 Fu, Yi ICF103 24 Garcia, Ryan ICF103 25 Gemora, Jereith ICF103 26 Gill, Akaash ICF103 27 Goldstein, Sivan ICF103 28 Gonzalez, Jonathan ICF103 29 Goswami, Arjun ICF103 30 Hamelback, Matthew ICF103 31 Hendricks, Timothy ICF103 32 Hernandez, Timothy ICF103 33 Heinwin, Saw ICF103 34 Hoang, Nha ICF103 35 Hongsan, Wong ICF103 36 Hules, Christopher ICF103 37 Hung, Tran-T ICF103
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This note was uploaded on 12/13/2010 for the course ELECTRICAL EECS 180 taught by Professor Chens.tsai during the Fall '10 term at UC Irvine.

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Midterm_Classroom_Assignment_Namelist - EECS180 Midterm...

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