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EECS222C: SoC Software Synthesis Assignment 6 (c) 2010 R. Doemer 1 EECS222C: SoC Software Synthesis, Assignment 6 (c) 2010 R. Doemer 1 Assignment 6 1. Refinement of the MP3 Decoder model in SCE Continue from “Spec” model of previous assignment Select an appropriate system architecture 1 ARM_7TDMI or LEON3 CPU at 50 MHz 0-6 HW_Standard accellerators at 100 MHz Perform the following refinement steps Architecture Refinement Scheduling Refinement Network Refinement
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Unformatted text preview: • Communication Link Refinement – Transaction-level model (TLM) – Pin-accurate model (PAM) • Reference instructions: – /home/doemer/EECS222C/Assignment6.txt – Deliverable: • Text file “ refinement.txt ” with – short description of the chosen target architecture – simulated execution times of each model – Due: • by Friday, Nov 12, 2010, at noon • by email to [email protected] , with subject “EECS222C HW6”...
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