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A. 1. n=12 2. p=.10 3. let x= # of people in the survey who prefer the cookie x is a RV with possible values 4. the probability that there are exactly x “successes” among the n=12 trials is P(X)=N!/X!(N-X)! * p^X(1-p)^N-X P(X=4)=P(4)=12!/4!(12-4)!(.10)^4(1-.1)^12-4 =1*2*3…*11*12/(1*2*3*4)(1*2*3…*8) * =495(.0001)(.4305) =.0213 B. P(X>=4)=P(4)+P(5)…P(12)
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Unformatted text preview: P(X>=4)=1-P(<4)x P(0)= .2824 P(1)= .3766 P(2)= .2301 P(3)= .0852 =0.9742 P(X>=4)=1-P(X<4) =1-.9742=0.0258 23. 1. n=10 2. p=.23 3. Let x=# of students in the survey who use the card due to the rewards. X is a RV with possibility of 10 P(2)= 10!/2!(10-2)! (.28)^2(1-.28)^10-2 =1*9*5(.078)(.0722)...
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