BSEC 10-1 - P(X)=u^x*e^-u/x A P(1)=0.6^1*2.71828^-0.6/1...

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X=# of times an event will occur in a time period X is a RV E=natural base=2.71828 227 21 23. 1. let x=number of hurricanes to hit usa in a year. 2. The mean number of hurricanes to hit usa in the year is u=0.6 3. the probability that there are X hurricanes hitting usa in a year is given by
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Unformatted text preview: P(X)=u^x*e^-u/x! A. P(1)=0.6^1*2.71828^-0.6/1! =0.6*.5488 =0.329 (32.9%) B. P(x<=1)=P(0)+P(1) P(0)=0.6^0*2.71828^-0.6/0! = 1*0.5488/1 =0.5488 0.329+0.5488=0.8778 (87.78%) Part A = 0.329 Part B = 0.8778 C. P(X>1)=1-P(X<=1) = 1-0.8778 = 0.1222 (12.22%)...
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