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MIS Ch 9 - 1 Most yes but not all and probably shouldnt...

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1. Most, yes, but not all, and probably shouldn’t rely completely on it. While the internet community is vast, this is undisputable, and it growing daily, there are still a number of people that aren’t familiar with it, or simply don’t even have it. 2. That would depend on the company and what their product or service was. Say, a web design company, then sure. But if it was something like a lawn care company, probably not. The former would have a vast and ripe customer base already online, while the latter should probably rely more on billboards, flyers, and maybe even local cable commercials. 3. They’ve covered everything I could think of. 4. Probably because of poor marketing and advertisement, or perhaps sub-par service or quality on their part compared to what their competitors were offering. Or even that they were ahead of their time, and were trying to do something with e-commerce that people just weren’t ready for and used to yet. 5.
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