MIS Ch13 - 1. General upkeep of firewalls, encryption...

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1. General upkeep of firewalls, encryption software and CAPTCHA-type applications would improve security. Personally I would implement each of these, and possibly find a firm that specialized in internet security and hire them to assess my threat level and bolster it, depending on my financial stability 2. Three can keep a secret if two are dead. To me, this basically means the fewer people involved, the simpler and more secure anything will be. With the increasing use of intranets and extranets, that’s just compounding the possible problems by opening up more and more potential gateways for misuse of information in a company. The best example I could think of would be something PrePaid is already doing. My cousin works in IT, and one day he came home with what looked like a box of keychains with a digital display of 7 (maybe more, it’s been awhile) numbers. When I asked him about them, he said it was their new online security measure for the associates logging in from remote locations. Each keychain would display a generated number based on a progression in a complex algorithm, and would regenerate every thirty seconds, never repeating the same number. At the time of their login, that number was their password, and it was set to match up to what the “mother computer” had calculated the number should be at the point in time that the associate logged in. If it matched to what the computer said that
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MIS Ch13 - 1. General upkeep of firewalls, encryption...

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