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1. Very carefully and securely, to ensure that no sensitive information is leaked and used in a negative way, either by outside individuals or corporations. 2. A very important one, as it is the key to your business. As a business resource, databases and managing data is a key ingredient in a recipe for success. 3. It more easily consolidates valuable and relevant information into one easy to use and easy to access database, such as a bank compiling information like customer records for check processing, bank credit cards, savings accounts and installment loan accounting. 4. They can balance it by calculating how much it costs to have these extra resources, and also calculating how much it would cost them if they didn’t, and then justify it by calculating how much it saves them to keep the extra resources in place. 5. Keeping order of all the information, both incoming and outgoing, establishing a user- friendly procedure, and general upkeep of the entire database. 6.
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