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BSEC 12-1 - T=1.9495 B1 =index(linest(C2:C6,B2:B6,1 B0...

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12 Ho P1-P2>= 0 Ha P1-P2<0 2 1.5 z=-2.177 3 rr z=-2.177 -Za==Z0.05=-1.645 So, Z If Z< -Za, reject Ho at a=0.05 level Calculate TS T= R / SQRT(1-r^2/N-2) If T<-Ta/2,n-2 or T>+Ta/2,n-2, reject Ho at a level of sig.
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Unformatted text preview: T=1.9495 B1 =index(linest(C2:C6,B2:B6),1) B0 =index(linest(C2:C6,B2:B6),2) 519 17...
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