BSEC 11-19 - p^1, p^2 Two tailed test Ho: p1-p2=Po Ha:...

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Ch 7 testing for 1 pop Ch 8 testing for 2 pop 1. Testing for u -> 1 Testing for u1 vs u2 2. Testing for p -> 2. Testing for p1 vs p2 LTT Ho:p1-p2>=Po Ha: p1-p2<Po Z If Z<-Za, reject at the a level of significance
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Unformatted text preview: p^1, p^2 Two tailed test Ho: p1-p2=Po Ha: p1-p2=/Po Skip 15 on page 457 476 12. P1^= X1/N1= 0.152 P2^= X2/N2= 0.185 X1= p1^*N1=0.152*1500 X2= P2^*n2= 0.185*1000...
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