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N=(Za/2)^2 ^p(1-^p) / E^2 340 21. 1, 1-o=0.95; o=0.05 2. E=0.03 Part A. (Za/2)^2 ^p(1-^p) / E^2 (1.96)^2 0.5(1-0.5) / 0.03^2 n=1067.111=1068 Part B. ^p=0.26 (Za/2)^2 ^p(1-^p) / E^2 1.96^2 (0.21)(0.7) / 0.03^2 =821.25 o=822
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Unformatted text preview: 340 22. Confidence intervals hypothesis testing correlation & linear regression Ch6. ci for u, p Ch7. testing for u, p Hypothesis testing i. Ho; u>=uo ii. Ha; u<uo Z=x_-uo / O/sqrtN...
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