OL SA C13 C14 F10

OL SA C13 C14 F10 - Principles of Marketing Chapter 13/14...

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Principles of Marketing Name: ________________________________________________ Chapter 13/14 – F10 Online These are due by Tuesday, November 9 by 11:30 p.m. (Note: Chapter 10 will also be due then) Please answer each of the following questions and return your answers to me using the assignment feature by cutting and pasting your answers into the “submission” box. You should *open this document in your word processor, answer each question below the question; save the document (including questions with the additional guidance and answers) and then use cut and paste to put your answer into the “submission” box on the assignment page. DO NOT RETURN THIS AS AN ATTACHMENT, BUT CUT AND PASTE IT INTO THE ASSIGNMENT BOX. This will make it easier and faster for me to grade these as I won’t have to open attachments. * use 1/2 inch margins and 12 point type. * answer each question below the question and include the question (guidance on answering each question is given below the question. Include this in what you submit). * answer the entire question. If it says explain or describe then that is what you must do to receive full credit. See the guidance. * skip a line between questions NOTE: Having looked up these answers should make the quiz and the exam much easier. These won’t take you long and they will lead you through the chapter. If I were doing a lecture the answers to these questions would be what would go on the board. Grading Scale: 5 = Did what was expected 2 = Did some of what was expected 4 = Did most of what was expected 1 = Did little of what was expected 3 = Did much of what was expected 0 = Nothing submitted NAME: Chapter 13 1. What is a marketing channel? Marketing Channel: 2. Describe/define each of these: Agents and Brokers: Merchant Wholesaler: Retailers: 3. One important reason channel members are included between producers and end users is to overcome discrepancies. Briefly describe/define these four discrepancies channel members overcome. 1. Discrepancy of Quantity:
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OL SA C13 C14 F10 - Principles of Marketing Chapter 13/14...

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