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Stacyu07a1(1)(1)(1) - X 12 Proceeds from issuance of common...

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U7A1 BUS3060 Jennifer Stacy For each of the transactions, identify: Cash In Cash Out No Cash For example, payments to employees would be (CO) and (OA). X 1. Proceeds from issuance of debt. X 2. Payments for taxes. X 3. Purchase of short-term investments. X 4. Collections of dividends. X 5. Payment of long-term debt. X 6. Proceeds from sale of fixed assets (plant and equipment). X 7. Payments to suppliers of goods and services. X 8. Proceeds from sales of short-term investments. X 9. Declaration of a stock split. X 10. Collections from customers. X 11. Payment of cash dividends.
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Unformatted text preview: X 12. Proceeds from issuance of common or preferred stock. X 13. Payments to employees. X 14. Purchases of fixed assets (plant and equipment). X 15. Collections of interest. X 1. If the transaction is a cash inflow (CI), or a cash outflow (CO), or a non cash flow transaction (NT). Operating Investing Financing No Cash X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X 2. Each transaction as an operating activity (OA), an investing activity (IA), or a financing activity (FA), or a non cash flow transaction (NT)....
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