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Proposal to Zilack Board of Directors By team name, team members’ names, and team member’s titles [Insert date for Friday of Unit 10] Introduction Zilack Corporation is a medium-sized manufacturing company with 250 employees. It directly markets one product: the Zilack coffee cup with a patented ball bearing sliding mechanism. James Jr. and a group of 15 other executives run the company. Zilack Corporation has just received a large sum of money from a venture capitalist. The venture capitalist and James Jr. are predicting 100% growth. To achieve that growth, productivity will need to increase by a similar amount. Therefore, the business model needs to be updated. The functional areas area must be updated to assist Zilack’s business model to predict, plan, and implement future growth and profits. This is a unique opportunity. James Jr. has taken over from his father, James Sr., CEO of Zilack for 37 years. The problem lies in Zilack’s outdated business model and functional areas. Zilack in need of new ideas and new employees to implement then. The 100%t growth projection has James Jr. concerned with these questions: 1. How can my functional area managers modify their activities and objectives to help Zilack achieve 100% growth? 2. How can we adhere to our Code of Ethics with such fast growth? 3. What new ideas can we implement in the functional areas? 4. What are the issues facing the company and the employees? 5. What will be the job titles, descriptions, and skills of our new employees in the updated functional areas? 6. What will my updated business model look like? A business model describes these components of how the business or organization: A. Acquires, selects, and keeps employees and customers. B. Creates value for its employees and customers. C. Goes to the market with promotion strategy and distribution strategy. D. Defines and differentiates its product offerings. E. Defines the tasks that the business will perform. F. Develops a sustainable presence with respect to the environment and society. G. Plans for its resources to capture profit. This proposal describes ideas for Zilack’s updated business model. Specifically managers from Zilack’s functional areas are providing ideas to address James Jr.’s concerns. A copy of each functional area manager’s executive summary goes here
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Functional area Plan: Accounting and Finance By learner name Member of team name The Accounting and Finance Functional Area focuses on budgets, costs, revenues, and expenses to support Zilack’s business model of projected growth. Include two of the following for the updated Accounting and Finance Functional Area plan. In addition, explain how the Accounting and Finance Functional Area will adhere to a code of ethics available for stakeholders.
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