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Project Research Strategy Template Project Research Strategy Template After you have participated in our u03d2 discussion, complete this template to submit your Project Research Strategy to your instructor for grading. Look over Part A and B of this template before filling it in. The six parts of the critical thinking process will guide you to be successful in completing the assignment. Name: Jennifer Stacy Your Project Project’s Problem Statement: Many employees suffer from stress caused by managers who expect results without establishing clear goals. An example would be an office head that is responsible for increasing profitability and decreasing overhead, without receiving a budget from the home office. Part A. Explaining Your Project Research Strategy 1.Compose one paragraph that describes your research strategy that you used to find one source in the Capella Library. Your composition needs to be clearly written with descriptive words. Avoid overusing pronouns. Include the following items within the paragraph: Name of the database Keyword search terms Tell why the source is credible (elaborate) The name of the database is Academic Search Premier and the keyword term that I used to look up my topic was Job Stress. This source is credible because it’s from the University Of Capella and I don’t think there would be anything posted on the website that was fake or just thoughts that were made up.
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Stacyu04a1 - Project Research Strategy Template Project...

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