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Research Paper Template Job Stress the Effect on Employees and Employers u05a1 Jennifer Stacy [email protected] BUS 3004 Developing a Business Perspective October 19, 2010 Introduction The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) define stress as "the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressures or other types of demand placed on them". (ACAS, 2006) Really don’t confuse positive pressure which can cause a really big buzz and the harmful side effects of pressure that is really beyond an employee’s ability to cope with it in the workplace. The reason that stress in the workplace is all people talk about now a days is because it’s a growing awareness and psychologists have been studying stress since the 1950s. In today’s economy stress is very costly in the workplace especially in small businesses where cover for sick employees is very difficult to arrange. Research estimates that 12.8 million working days were lost to stress, depression and anxiety in 2004 and 2005. (ACAS, 2006) Lately work related stress has become more widespread. About one in five people in a stress study said that they found their work either very stressful or extremely stressful. Main Causes of Stress There are many causes of stress in the workplace in today’s economy. One cause is demand because the employees often become overloaded if they can’t cope with the amount of work that is being thrown at them. Another one is control that’s a factor because employees feel disaffected and perform poorly if they have no say so what so ever of how and when they do
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their work. Support is another reason because the levels of sick absences often rise up and the employees feel like they can’t talk to their managers about the situation. Relationships are another big factor because if there is failure on building relationships they have a hard time
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Stacyu06a1 - Research Paper Template Job Stress the Effect...

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