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Soc100-8 Study Guide for Midterm I Sept. 19, 2009 1 | P a g e I. Chapter 1. The Sociological Perspective What is sociology? (What sociologists study? How is the discipline different from other social sciences?) What is sociological imagination? The major viewpoints of three theoretical perspectives. II. Chapter 5. The Sociological Methods What are the steps that sociologists use to set up research project? Causal logic & Correlation Hypothesis testing: dependent variables & independent variables 1. Unemployed men are more likely to commit spousal abuse than employed men. 2. Greater social support leads to less depression. What are the research designs and methods sociologists employ? How to decide when to use which method? Reliability & Validity 1. John developed a questionnaire to measure job satisfaction among industrial workers. He has administered his questionnaire to ten different workers' groups at the same plant and on the same shift but notes the results are inconsistent. John's concern reflects the issue of ________.
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