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Lab Syllabus Purdue University - Physics 22000 Fall 2009 1 PHYSICS 22000 LAB SYLLABUS FALL 2009 Faculty: Prof. Norbert Neumeister – room 374, [email protected] Prof. Laura Cayon – room 345, [email protected] Textbook: College Physics – Reasoning and Relationships, Volume One , Nicholas Giordano, Brooks/Cole, Cengage Learning, 2009. Lab Coordinator: Dr. Andrzej ( Andrew ) Lewicki - Room 142, [email protected] Lab Manual: Physics 22000 Laboratory Manual , 2009/2010, Andrzej ( Andrew ) Lewicki, Sharon Comer, and Michael Zimmer, LAD Custom Publishing, 2009. Welcome to Physics 22000 laboratory. This semester, you will explore the fundamental concepts of mechanics by performing experiments, collecting data and analyzing your results. General description: Labs meet in room PHYS 121 in the Physics Building. The exact schedule of experiments is located at the end of this lab syllabus. The Lab manual ( Physics 22000 Laboratory Manual, 2009/2010, Andrzej Lewicki, Sharon Comer, and Michael Zimmer, LAD Custom Publishing, 2009) is available from local bookstores. Do not buy any previous editions of the lab manual! Since room PHYS 121 is connected to the ITaP computer network, you need to have the (Purdue) career account to be able to run experiments! If you do not have your career computer account yet, then bring your student ID to ITaP Information Center, MATH 231. Students who completed Physics 22000 lab during the last two years may claim the previous credit for the lab. The minimum requirement for the credit transfer is to have all experiments completed and have the number of points for the lab equal to at least 75% of the perfect score. Lab reports are usually due at the beginning of the next experiment. For the exact dates, see the lab schedule at the end of this syllabus.
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Lab Syllabus Purdue University - Physics 22000 Fall 2009 2 Always bring a calculator with you to the lab . Do NOT bring drinks or food to the lab! The help center for Physics 22000 is located in Room 11A of the Physics Building. The help center schedule is available at the following address: Additional information about the course can be found on the WWW at: Lab procedures: Before coming to lab, you must answer all prelaboratory questions scheduled for that week . These questions are closely related to the activities and measurements you will do in lab. The prelaboratory questions typically require 30 minutes of effort. The prelaboratory questions are your individual work, so everyone is expected to complete them. The prelaboratory questions must be answered on-line (except of the first experiment M1
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Phys220L_Lab_Syllabus_Fall2009 - Lab Syllabus Purdue...

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