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Main point #3: process for transplant Blood test, tissue test, psychological care and medicines, all the things go around you every week. Pre-transplant period is just a start for a long journey; “You know you’re having a bad day when your doctor informs you that you were recently the subject of Boston’s Mortality and Morbidity Conference.” from Nancy Michaels ’s Site. After operation, another journey is on! First, you'll need to have blood and tissue tests done that will be used to match you with a donor. This is because your immune system may see the new organ as foreign and reject it. The more matches you have with the donor, the more likely your body will accept the donor organ. You'll need to take care of your health. Continue to take your medicines as prescribed and get regular blood tests. Follow your doctor’s directions for eating and exercising. You also may want to talk with a psychiatrist, psychologist, or licensed mental health counselor about your transplant. To learn more about what happens, talk to someone who has had a transplant. Your
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