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Ventrilo - Voice Targets Voice Targets are virtual channels that only certain accounts are allowed to receive-from and/or transmit-to. You must have an account on the server in order to be part of a target group. If you receive a voice stream from another user that is part of a voice target group that you are a member of and they are transmitting to just the voice target group, rather then to a channel like normal, then the icon of the person transmitting will be displayed as a Green "G" for group target stream. If you wish to be added to or removed from a voice target group then you will need to ask the person who created your account on the server or a Server Admin. Name / Can Transmit This window will display all of the voice target groups that you are a member of. If you
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Unformatted text preview: are allowed to transmit to a group then the word "Yes" will appear in the Can transmit column for each target that you have that right for. If this window is empty then you are not a member of any voice target groups. Push to talk This button is enabled only if you have selected one or more names in the list of target groups and only if one or more of the selected names has the ‘Can Transmit’ right. Note: You can transmit only to those targets that you have the transmit right for, even if one target does and another selected target does not. Close This button will close the Voice Targets window. Closing the window will have no effect on whether or not you receive the voice target streams. Help This button will display this help window....
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