binds - Ventrilo Bindings Key binds are a way for the user...

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Ventrilo - Bindings Key binds are a way for the user to tell the program to perform a specific function by pressing a user defined key, mouse button or game controller button. This feature will be available even while the user is currently working within a completely different program. Bind Name This pull down list box allows for selecting a specific grouping of binds to be edited or deleted. New Binds can be created in groups so that when the main bind is activated the associated binds will activate more than one key at a time to accomplish their assigned function. Users might also want a different set of binds for each of the different servers they connect to or type of game they play. This is why when you press the "New" button the program will open a new window where you can enter a name to associate with a group of binds. When the group is selected from the programs main window all of its binds are activated. When this button is pressed all of the input fields are initialized to blank entries and you can start adding items to them. Clone This button is similar to the "New" button except that after entering a new bind grouping name the program will clone (copy) all of the binds from the currently selected binds displayed in the "Binds Name" pull down box. Delete This button will delete the bind grouping currently displayed in the "Bind Name" pull down box. Use DirectInput This option allows the user to control how Ventrilo will monitor the input device(s) for bind keys. Basically there are two different methods, one that uses DirectInput and one that doesn't. However, there are several key differences between the two. Enabled When enabled, this will allow for virtually any key (excluding PrintScreen and Pause) to be used as a valid bind key. This option will also be required for binds to work while playing certain games. The downside to this option is that the keyboard monitoring is passive and any key pressed will be processed by whatever application has focus at that time. Example, if you bind the "Enter"
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key to play a wave file then switch to editing a document and press the "Enter" key your editor will start a new line and Ventrilo will play the specified wave file. Disabled When disabled, the list of available keys is limited. You cannot bind to modifier keys like Control, Alt and Shift but most other keys will work. Some games will not allow Ventrilo binds to work at all with this option turned off so you might be forced to turn it on if necessary. However, the advantage to using it this way is that Ventrilo will prevent any of the bound keys from being processed by any other program when pressed. The "Use DirectInput" option is unique to each "Bind name" created. Thus, you can create multiple bind sets, some of them with this option turned on and others with this option turned off. This is useful when some games require the DirectInput option enabled while others will not, but you get to decide how it works simply by selecting a different bindings group. Add
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binds - Ventrilo Bindings Key binds are a way for the user...

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