channel - Ventrilo Channel Display name This is the name of...

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Ventrilo - Channel Display name This is the name of the channel that will be displayed in the main window. Phonetic name This is the phonetic spelling of the channel name. This is used by the Text-To-Speech (TTS) engine whenever you join or leave the channel. Since a channel name isn't always pronounceable the way it is spelled this option allows you to change the pronunciation to suit your needs. For example, the channel name might be "Hi there" but the phonetic name might be "Hello". Thus it says something completely different from the actual channel name. Or, if the channel name is "[T2K]Private" and you don't specify a phonetic name the TTS engine will pronounce this as "Left square bracket T2K right square bracket Private". This doesn't sound good and takes to long to pronounce. So, you can assign it a phonetic spelling of just "T2K Private" Comment This allows a comment to be assigned to the channel name. Similar to the comment button from the main window for users, this option will force the channel to be displayed like the following: Channel name (Channel comment) Channel password This is the join password for the channel and applies only when "Protected mode" is set to "Channel password". If you are editing an existing channel password then the old password will always appear as 8 dots. This is a common computer security feature. If you go to the end of these dots and enter a single character you should realize that you are not expanding on the previous password because the client doesn't know what the old password was. It just knows that there is a password. The entire password should ALWAYS be retyped if you are changing it. Allow recording This option permits recording of anyone that is in this channel. When not checked it will prevent people from recording other users that are in the channel. Please note that this controls the programs built-in recording system and will not prevent people from
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recording your conversation by using Operating System or Sound Card mechanisms. In essence it is a good faith based control. Allow cross channel transmitting
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channel - Ventrilo Channel Display name This is the name of...

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