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Ventrilo - Device - Logitech - G15 The Ventrilo client program has built in support for the Logitech G15 Keyboard's Gamepanel LCD display. On this display will be information about the Ventrilo client that most users will find useful and pertinent at the current time. The associated "Soft buttons" will allow you to change the display information based on your current requirements. For example, you might want to see a list of users who are currently in the same channel as you, or you might decide to monitor the Global Chat activity. Here we will document what all of the soft buttons do depending on the current display state. Round button: This is a global soft button used by the Logitech G15 drivers. It instructs the Control Panel (also called a CP) to switch to a display from a different application such as the default G15 Performance Monitor or the default G15 clock. Pressing this button will round robin through all of the G15 applications that are currently running. Press this key until you see the Ventrilo display show up on the Gamepanel. Until you have done this none of the following documentation is applicable. The following items describe each the usage of the 4 soft buttons directly below the Gamepanel LCD display and how they are used. They are numbered 1 through 4 going from left to right. Button 1: (Menu) This button is used to bring up the “Menu”. Use buttons 3 and 4 in order to move the selection bar up and down. Pressing this button again will close or cancel an existing menu. Button 2: (OK) This button is used as an “OK” button. When the display is showing a menu the selected item will be used for the next function or the appropriate action to be taken. When a menu is not being displayed it could have an alternate function. See the display pages further down in this document. Button 3: (Scroll Up / Scroll Page Up / Previous Page) This button is used primarily as a “Scroll Up” feature if the display supports scrolling of information. If you hold down either shift key while pressing this button then it means to switch the display to the previous page. If you hold down either control key while pressing the button then it means to scroll the
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menu or content up by one page. Not all pages support scrolling. Button 4: (Scroll Down / Scroll Page Down / Next Page)
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device-logitech-g15 - Ventrilo - Device - Logitech - G15...

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