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device-logitech-g19 - Ventrilo Device Logitech G19 The...

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Ventrilo - Device - Logitech - G19 The Ventrilo client program has built in support for the Logitech G19 Keyboard's Gamepanel LCD display. On this display will be information about the Ventrilo client that most users will find useful and pertinent at the current time. The associated "Soft buttons" will allow you to change the display information based on your current requirements. For example, you might want to see a list of users who are currently in the same channel as you, or you might decide to monitor the Global Chat activity. Here we will document what all of the soft buttons do depending on the current display state. Gear: This is a global soft button used by the Logitech G19 drivers. It instructs the Control Panel (also called a CP) to switch to a display from a different application such as the default G19 Performance Monitor or the default G19 clock. Pressing this button will round robin through all of the G19 applications that are currently running. Press this key until you see the Ventrilo display show up on the Gamepanel. Until you have done this none of the following documentation is applicable. Menu: This button will always bring up the Ventrilo clients menu. All menus use the following soft buttons for navigation. Up / Down arrows: Pressing once will move the selection bar up or down one item. Press and hold for auto repeat. Left / Right arrows: Pressing either of these buttons is akin to using the Page Up and Page Down keys on a keyboard. Press and hold for auto repeat. OK: Activates the selected menu item. The main menu options available at this time are: Display page This option will list all of the possible display pages. Note: This list can change in size when Private Chat windows are open. Status
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This is the initial display page when the program starts. It displays your current channel name, connected or disconnected states, recording state, ping and transmitting state or Microphone mute state. It also displays the list of people you are currently receiving a voice stream from. If more than 3 are being received then the rows where this info is displayed will be split in to two columns in order to display a total of 6. The bottom part will display a list of the most recent events that have taken place. Channel clients This is a continuously rotating list of users that are in the same channel as you. Events This is a continuously scrolling list of events that have taken place, such as people connecting or disconnecting, joining leaving your channel, Integration notifications, etc.
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device-logitech-g19 - Ventrilo Device Logitech G19 The...

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