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Ventrilo - Commanding Targets Commanding Targets are basically virtual channels for sending text based commanding messages that can be spoken using Text-To-Speech and/or displayed using the Video Overlay features of the program. The primary use is for one or more people to send text oriented commanding messages to a larger group of people of a specific target group. These text messages can be entered manually into the Commanding Targets window or bound to a series of Bindable keys / buttons just like the TTS and Wave File binds. Only certain accounts are allowed to receive-from and/or transmit-to certain targets. You must have an account on the server in order to be part of a target group. If you wish to be added or removed from a commanding target group then you will need to ask the person who created your account on the server or a Server Admin. Name / Can transmit This window will display all of the commanding target groups that you are a member of. If you are allowed to transmit to a group then the word "Yes" will appear in the “Can
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grptrgcmd - Ventrilo - Commanding Targets Commanding...

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