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Unformatted text preview: Riley Thompson Homework Four October 5, 2010 As I stated in my last paper, I think our big issue will be adjusting to the Vietnamese culture. The Vietnamese put great emphasis on face, consensus building, and the zero- sum game assumption. Face is extremely important to many Vietnamese and we must try not to put our Vietnamese partners in embarrassing situations. Westerners often view the idea of face as old-fashioned, but to the Vietnamese it matters a great deal. The loss of face by your contact could mean the loss of your contact. Consensual decision making is very deeply embedded in Vietnamese social and political behavior. Consensus according to the Vietnamese means that all parties with a voice can wield a veto and must be brought on board. Western business people become frustrated with the inability of the person across the table from them to make a decision. Americans typically assume that win-win deals are common and relatively easy to achieve. This is not the case with the Vietnamese. To most, business is a zero-sum game. There is a to achieve....
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