06Lecture-G-M-Codes - ENGR3190U Manufacturing and...

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ENGR3190U: Manufacturing and Production Processes Highlighted ones are most commonly used (*) denotes a modal code, (/) denotes initial state G-CODES */G00 Rapid motion *G01 Linear interpolation in working feed *G02 Circular interpolation, clockwise *G03 Circular interpolation, counter-clockwise G04 Dwell time, active block by block G09 Exact hold G10 Coordinate system origin setting */G17 Selection of plane X-Y *G18 Selection of plane Z-X *G19 Selection of plane Y-Z *G20 Dimension in inch *G21 Dimension in millimeter *G28 return to reference point G30 Return to 2 nd reference point */G40 Cancel cutter compensation *G41 Cutter compensation left *G42 Cutter compensation right G43 Tool length compensation positive G44 Tool length compensation negative G49 Cancel tool length compensation G53 Machine coordinate system (00) */G54 Zero point shift 1 (work coordinate system 1 selected) (01) *G55 Zero point shift 2 (02) *G56 Zero point shift 3 (03) *G57 Zero point shift 4 (04) *G58 Zero point shift 5 (05)
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06Lecture-G-M-Codes - ENGR3190U Manufacturing and...

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