08Lecture-Calc - Manufacturing & Production Processes...

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ocesses ENGR3190U – Lecture 0 8 - Calculations 10.2.1 Heating of Metal Calculations Total Heat Required = heat to raise temperature to melting point + heat of fusion to convert it from solid to liquid + heat to raise the molten metal to the desired temperature )} ( ) ( { m p l f o m s T T C H T T C V H - + + - = ρ H = total heat required to raise temperature of the metal to pouring temperature (J) ρ = density (g/cm 3 ) C s = Weight specific heat for the solid metal (J/g-C) T m = melting temperature of the metal (C) T o = starting temperature – usually ambient (C) H f = heat of fusion (J/g) C l = weight specific heat of the liquid metal (J/g-C) T p = pouring temperature (C) V = volume of metal being heated (cm 3 ) The specific heat of a substance is defined as the amount of heat that must be absorbed or lost for 1 g of that substance to change its temperature by 1º C Only of conceptual value / rough estimate factors such as significant heat losses to the
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08Lecture-Calc - Manufacturing & Production Processes...

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