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Topic: I will talk about ways to stay in shape and by working out and eating right. General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: By the end of my speech, my audience will have the ability to put together a basic workout plan along with dietary guidelines to look great and eat healthy. Central Idea: If someone is motivated to look and feel great, he or she should focus on all around body workouts while maintaining a healthy and balanced diet each and every day of the week. Introduction: Imagine a lifestyle where you eat whatever you want all day and perform no physical activities. This might seem appealing to every normal human being on this planet but it comes with many harmful consequences. Promoting and living a healthy lifestyle is not only worth your time for looking great but it will almost guarantee a longer and healthier life and one filled with much less medical bills. According to Daniel Williams of TIME Magazine, adults in western populations are on average 7 kilograms heavier than they were twenty five years ago. This can be attributed to increased food portions and the way foods are processed these days, but also to not eating right and a lack of exercise. I dedicate myself to work out five days a week and keep track of my eating habits to ensure I am in the best shape possible, both physically and mentally. Blue Print: This afternoon, I want to present my knowledge of working out and eating healthy to all of you in the hopes of transforming the way each of you view the significance of such a maintained lifestyle on one’s overall health and fitness. You will learn different ways to maintain your physique as well as numerous exercises to target each part of your body. Furthermore, you will be taught healthy eating habits that you should apply to your everyday diet and the importance of eating properly.
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Transition: I am going to begin by taking an overall look at personal fitness and discuss a few popular work out plans used by many. I will start by discussing how most men view working out compared to women. Body: I. What are different ways to achieve an all around body workout? A. Mens’ workouts usually differ from womens’ workouts because they strive to achieve different goals and physiques. 1. Most men look to build muscle mass while most women look to trim fat and tone however that is not the case for all men and women. B. Differences between toning and building muscle mass 1. Toning focuses on trimming fat and achieving a leaner look while muscle mass involves bulking and adding muscle mass. According to physical therapist and personal trainer, Dr. Charles Inness from Boston University, “if your goal is toning,aim for 1-3 sets of 8-15 repetitions, and if your goal is building muscle aim for 3-5 sets of 4-12 repetitions”. C.
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demo outline - Topic: I will talk about ways to stay in...

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