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MAR 3023 ITEMS FOR FINAL EXAM FROM FALL 2009 1. The __________ consists of twenty-seven countries that have eliminated most of the barriers to the free flow of goods, services, capital and labor across their borders. A. European Union B. North American Free Trade Association C. Latin American Free Trade Organization D. Commonwealth of Independent States E. World Trade Organization 2. The University of Florida's Gymnastics Team will begin their season in January and has been working extremely hard the past few months to be ready for their first competition against the Oklahoma Sooners. Before each season Maranda, one of the team members, refers to her personal mission statement, and lists her roles and goals for that year. Most importantly she visualizes where she wants to be at the end of the season. This idea most closely relates to which of Covey's Seven Habits ? A. Put things first B. Synergize C. Begin with the end in mind D. Think Win/Win E. Be proactive 3. Which of the following is an example of a transnational marketing approach? A. Procter and Gamble markets their products in other countries identically to how they market them in the United States. B. Lucky Brand Jeans markets their jeans similarly to young, trendy guys in multiple countries across the world. C. Coca-Cola flavors their soda differently in each country because of differences in regional tastes. D. Doritos sells ketchup flavored chips in Canada based on a national taste test. E. Disney markets Tokyo Disney to the Japanese the same way it markets Disney World to Americans.
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4. David and Cecilia Stanford, owners of Prairie Herb vinegars, decided to offer the product in 5-ounce and 13- ounce sizes as well as in a 16-ounce European glass bottle. They decided to sell the vinegar only through the mail and to price the smaller bottles at $4.45 and the largest bottles at $13.25. These marketing mix decisions are examples of: A. Missions B. Strategies C. Tactics D. Visions E. Operational procedures 5. Charlie is in the market for a private jet so he and his family can travel whenever they want. Before going to a dealer, he researches different jets on the independent ratings website, www.airtoys.com to check out the available models, their features, and their prices. The primary objective of this kind of website is: A. Facilitating Sales B. Selling Merchandise C. B2B E-Commerce D. Creating a Virtual Community E. Brand Building 6. A(n) __________ is an aid to implementing a marketing plan and consists of four columns. They are the task, the name of the person responsible for accomplishing the task, the date by which the task is to be finished, and what is to be delivered. A. Decision tree
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fall 09 final - MAR 3023 ITEMS FOR FINAL EXAM FROM FALL...

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