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CMST 1061 - -The place of a single message within an array...

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CMST 1061 4-13-10 Fallacies – distorted form of normal reasoning False cause – assuming that one vent is caused by another Inductive – particular general Deductive – general particular Red heron – bringing in an irrelevant issue to distract the attention of the audience Ad hominem – attack against the person rather than the argument Bandwagons Quagmire – a bog, something you get stuck in 4-27-10 meaning doesn’t lie in the message - it exists between the people exchanging the message symbols are arbitrary and ambiguous agent’s perception determines how he or she sees the world and their place in it ultimately, meaning depends on how we interpret the message we receive interpretation is the assigning of meaning to the things that we perceive in our world how we interpret something depends on: - Possible meanings can be assigned to a symbol
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Unformatted text preview: -The place of a single message within an array of other messages-Situation Meaning can change over time from one group to another-Peace symbol-Pimpin’ Social groups assign meaning-Example: cell phones, headsets-Interpretation is situational Theory of Cognitive Dissonance-People tend to seek messages they agree with, not disagree-Theorists argue that to get people to listen, you must ‘shock’ their loyalties o I.E. : anti-abortion pictures of fetuses or oil-slicked animals Psychological Rings of Defense-SELECTIVE EXPOSURE: people seek out corroborating message sources. (i.e.: FOX news vs. MSNBC)-SELECTIVE ATTENTION: people tune out communications that go against their beliefs or pay attention only to the reinforcing parts and forget the dissonant parts...
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CMST 1061 - -The place of a single message within an array...

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