syllabus - CSC 4101 Programming Languages Fall 2010...

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Unformatted text preview: CSC 4101 Programming Languages Fall 2010 Syllabus Gerald Baumgartner Course Summary Principles of programming language design; specification of syntax and semantics; underlying implementation of block structured languages; dynamic memory allocation for strings, lists, and arrays; imperative versus applicative programming; logic programming; modern programming languages. Prerequisites • CSC 3102: Advanced Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis. • Credit will not be given for both this course and CSC 7001. Office Hours Who Where Phone E-Mail When Gerald Baumgartner Coates 290 578–2191 [email protected] TTh 12:30–2:00pm Zheng Lu Coates 164 578–1249 [email protected] MW 2:00–3:00pm Ronnie Gilkey Coates 173 N/A [email protected] N/A Other office hours by appointment (recommended). Reading • Michael Scott, Programming Language Pragmatics , 3rd ed., Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, 2009. • Robert W. Sebesta, Concepts of Programming Languages , 5th or 6th ed., Addison-Wesley, 2003 (optional). • Peter Norvig, Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years , , 2001. • Guy L. Steele Jr., Growing a Language , OOPSLA ’98, ACM, 1998. • Henry G. Baker, I Have a Feeling We’re Not in Emerald City Anymore , ACM SIGPLAN Notices, Vol. 32, No. 4, April 1997. • Richard P. Gabriel and Ron Goldman, Mob Software: The Erotic Life of Code , OOPSLA ’00, ACM, 2000. 1 • CSC 4101 Mailing List. • Web page˜gb/csc4101/ . Important Dates • LCPC ’10 conference: Thu, Oct 7 (?) • Midterm Exam: Tue, Oct 12, 10:40am–12:00pm • Fall Holiday: Thu, Oct 21 • SC ’10 conference: Nov 16–18 • Turkey Day Break: Thu, Nov 25 • Final Exam: Fri, Dec 10, 3:00–5:00pm Both exams are comprehensive. Homeworks There will be five homework assignments, which will be due at the beginning of class on the due date. A penalty of 15% will be assessed for each day a homework is late up to a maximum of 30%....
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This note was uploaded on 12/10/2010 for the course CSC 4101 taught by Professor Barney during the Spring '10 term at NYU.

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syllabus - CSC 4101 Programming Languages Fall 2010...

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