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Scenario - Superior Bicycles data The EMTS Manager also...

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An Example of Scenario (P. 406) Suppose you are investigating a possible intellectual property theft by a contract employee of Exotic Mountain Tour Service (EMTS). EMTS has just finished an expensive marketing and customer service analysis with Superior Bicycles, LLC. Based on this analysis, EMTS plans to release advertising for its latest tour service with a joint product marketing campaign with Superior Bicycles. Unfortunately, EMTS suspects that a contract travel consultant, Bob Aspen, might have given sensitive marketing data to another bicycle competitor. EMTS is under a nondisclosure agreement with Superior Bicycles and must protect this advertising campaign material. An EMTS manager found a floppy disk on the desk Bob Aspen was assigned to. Your task is to determine whether the disk contains proprietary EMTS or
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Unformatted text preview: Superior Bicycles data. The EMTS Manager also gives you some interesting information he gathered from the Web server administrator. EMTS filters all Web-based e-mail traffic traveling through its network and detects suspicious attachments. When a Web-based e-mail is received with attachments, the Web filter is triggered. The EMTS manager provides two screen captures, shown in Figures 10-5 and 10-6, of partial e-mails intercepted by the Web filter that lead him to believe Bob Aspen might have engaged in questionable activities. For this examination, you need to search for all possible places data might be hiding. To do this, in the next section you use ProDiscover’s cluster search function with hexadecimal search strings to look for known data....
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