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IST 454 Dr. Chu Term Project Guideline Introduction The intent of this project is for your project group to conduct independent investigation and demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of a specific area related to Computer and Cyber Forensics (or digital forensics). The project can take several forms. Your team may (1) design a hands-on lab, (2) develop a comprehensive WWW portal on a topic related to cyber forensics, or (3) choose your own form and substance. Project Details The following paragraphs are guidelines for some of the project options: 1. Hands-on Lab Development Your team may elect to design a hands-on lab (similar to what you have practiced in this class). Your report should include an instructional guide for the lab and a report that documents your team’s exploration and results of the lab. The hands-on lab should cover the detailed process of conducting a complete forensic analysis (imaging, data recovery, and analysis) on selected digital devices or using criminal tools for attack, defense, and data recovery. Here is a list of possible devices or tools: Digital Devices : Digital Music Device Flash Memory Cards iPod, iPad, iTouch Palmtop Devices PDA Devices USB Pen Drive CD / DVD Mobile Phone RIM (BlackBerry) Wireless Device
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Project_Guideline - IST 454 Dr Chu Term Project Guideline...

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