IST 210, Test 1 ,Solution (Fall 2010)

IST 210, Test 1 ,Solution (Fall 2010) - IST 210 Quiz 1 Fall...

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IST 210 Quiz 1 Fall 2010 Name _________________________________ Student no. __________ Instructions : There are NO allowable references for this examination. This examination is worth 100 points . You will have 75 minutes to complete the examination. Please place your name and ID on this page. (20 points) (Topic: Data Organization Design Process) Briefly (200 words maximum) explain the below diagram with the respect to Entity- Relationship Modeling (E-R) (7 Points), Normalization (BCN )(7 Points), and Structured Query Language (SQL (6 Points). (7 points) ERD helps to define and move from the conceptual model to the logical model. ERD help: o Understanding o Define the essential information o Serve as a visual guide to the organization o In planning of how to proceed (7 points) Normalization is applied to produce the logical data model o Main objectives of relational databases is to ensure that each item of data is held only once within the database: o Minimize the amount of storage space Conceptual design Logical design Physical design
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o Simplify updating procedures o Ensure that data is accurate o Done by converting ERD into well-structured relational data model (6 points) SQL is the tool used to create the physical design 2. (20 points) (Topic: Entity-Relationship Modeling) Use the below scenario
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IST 210, Test 1 ,Solution (Fall 2010) - IST 210 Quiz 1 Fall...

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