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IST 210 – Fall 2010 Quiz 1 Name _________________________________ Student Access ID. __________ Instructions : There are NO allowable references for this examination. This examination is worth 100 points . You will have 75 minutes to complete the examination. Please place your name and ID on this page. 2. (20 points) (Topic: Entity-Relationship Modeling) Use the below scenario to create an Entity-Relationship Diagram (Use the back of the page if necessary). Scenario: The business consists of several departments that complete work on various projects. Critical information about a department includes the department’s name, the manager’s name, the manager’s employee number, the date in which the current manager took up their post, and the locations of all their various offices. All of the employees are assigned to a single department which has many employees. Important employee information maintained by the company includes the employee’s first name, middle initial and last name,
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Unformatted text preview: as well as their employee number, date of birth, address, gender, salary and the department they are assigned to. Every project is assigned to a single department to be completed and a department will have many projects. Project information that is needed to manage the business includes the project name, the department it is currently allocated to, and the location of the office where the project is assigned. An employee may work on many projects that belong to both their department and other departments. To efficiently manage this, the each employee has an allocation that indicates the number of hours each employee has to spend per week on a particular project. Grading: • Entities – 2 points each (6 total) • Relationships – 2 points each (6 total) • Multiplicity – 2 points each (6 points total) • Attributes – 2 points total...
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