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Poli 100

Poli 100 - Word count 1,540 1984 and Emerging Adulthood In...

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Word count: 1,540 1984 and Emerging Adulthood In the novel 1984, George Orwell describes a society, Oceania, that is under absolute rule of the Party, who has brainwashed its citizens and has turned society into a very mechanical and rigid one . Mr. Charrington is a character who shows how the Party will infiltrate and comoflauge themselves to catch anyone working against them . Charrington is employed by the Party, however he works as a member of the Thought Police . The people living in Oceania know the Thought Police exist, but they do not know who specifically serve in the position . Winston believes Charrington to simply be a prole who owned his own store, and quickly came to trust him after buying a diary from him and renting out a room above the store for he and Julia’s escapades . Charrington was suited for his job in that he was able to pull off a double life as a prole and a member of the Thought Police without any suspicion . He was able to gain Winston’s trust and spy on him, gathering evidence for the Party, and ultimately turning Winston and Julia in to Big Brother . Another set of characters that stood out to me were Mr . Parsons’ children. While not holding a “job” with the Party, they were members of a group called the Junior Spies . Children in today’s society are always wanting to be made to feel like they have a big responsibility within the household and the community . The Party has taken advantage of that characteristic of children, and have charged them with the task of being a sort of mini Thought Police . We can see how much power they have as Winston is terrified that they will turn him in for writing in his 1
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PID: 714-296-591 diary . The children take their job very seriously to a point that they have become suspicious of every move people around them make, including their own mother . . The protagonist is Winston Smith, who is a low-ranking member of the Party, meaning he was above the proles in status and worked for the Party, but wasn’t high up enough to be a decision maker within the Party . Winston is employed in the Ministry of Truth, where he alters the history books, per the party, basically rewriting history . I think this job suited him, in that it
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Poli 100 - Word count 1,540 1984 and Emerging Adulthood In...

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