PWAD 213 Midterm

PWAD 213 Midterm - In the early days of the new military...

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Unformatted text preview: In the early days of the new military strategy of air power, the United States military establishment was resistant to adopt the new tactics . Falling behind Europe in the evolution of aeronautics used in the army and navy, the United States was very hesitant early on to commit to making aerial tactics a routine part of their practices . However, since 1903, there has been a presence of air power in the American military . Between 1903 and 1916, the military establishment of the United States was exposed to several situations and practices, such as the the fact that European countries were so far ahead of the U .S. in their usage of airplanes, and the take-off and landing of air craft from and onto naval ships, which finally led to the American military adoption of aircraft for military purposes . On December 17, 1903, the Wright Flyer was piloted by Orville Wright in the first successful airplane flight in Kitty Hawk, NC . The flight lasted for 12 seconds at a height of 120 feet, and the longest flight that day was 59 seconds at 852 feet, piloted by Wilbur Wright . 1 After continuing to improve their design, the Wrights were given an offer by the British government in 1904 to purchase the Wright Flyer, however, the brothers rejected it . The next year, the brothers attempted three times to drum up interest in their plane from the United States Army, which was not successful . The armys reason was that the Bureau of the Ordnance doubted the possibility of manned flight at the time . 2 However, in just 2 years, the Wrights 1 1 Caddell, Joseph . History 213: History of Air Power Course Pack . Fall 2010 ....
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PWAD 213 Midterm - In the early days of the new military...

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