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Express Yourself 10/8/10 Naturalism- revolt in modern art Move away from 2D back drop Modern Drama 2: Expressionism Mimesis- imitation Illusionism vs. theatriciality (persuade audience of authenticity) (away from devices that drew to the artificial role of plays, chorus, soliloquy, asides) (minimize theatricality of a play) Melodrama (simplified world) Modernism Naturalism Illuisionism over theatricality Verisimilitude- life-likeness Anti-naturalism Expressionism (different from naturalist approach) Theatricality over illusionism The Wall 1982- expressionism, difference in the way piece is communicated with audience Naturalistic- we would infer how the kid would react Expressionism- view his emotional response to being hit, subjective response, inner dimension of kids mind, fantasy Starry Night - physical landscape is diluted Naturalism Expressionism, more poetic vocabulary, new form to express the contemporary form Material Psychological/ spiritual: real truth is beyond conventional surfaces
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Unformatted text preview: Objective Subjective- leap inside character, see interior perspective Outer landscape Inner landscape Exterior Fidelity Journey to interior Dramaturgy Naturalism Expressionism Accessible/ Everyday Reality- instantly recognize and relate to story Distorted for subjective truth Linear/ cause and effect Compressed, fragmented, telegraphic Daily behavior Types, abstractions- not really developed as individual characters Stable world- reality is stable enough that we can observe it from the outside, analyze it, virtual replication Dreamlike, nightmarish- the real truth is going to be more singular, not a conventional reality Strong bond of empathy: immerse in temporary reality because it doesn’t break apart and draw attention to theatricality Emotional states immerse and alienate: cinematic difference from everyday reality, heightened emotional states of awareness, go inside their skin, see how strange and weird the subjective experience is...
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