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Defying Gravity 10/18/10 Material world and inner dimension “In our times every literary work has the mission of extending boundary lines” –Ibsen Ibsen first modernist Naturalism and expressionism mixed in Strindberg (relationship between mind and matter) characters have no grounding on reality at all; the play moves to the conventional world after the one night interlude of feeling free and the illusions begin to disappear; expressionist aren’t interested in life-like tissue Naturalists play there is linear cause and effect Love is a constant source of aggression in Miss Julie Strindberg thinks we are condemned by our hereditary environment, Miss Julie is a product of the way her strange parents raised her, victim of the class system Miss Julie - maintain credibility of natural world, but volatility of characters in it, can’t imagine Hedda Gabler getting to the extreme state that Miss Julie did Jean kills the bird
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